Captured by Henry Stampfel

Francine 'Cine' Damis


Captured by Steven Leclerc


I am Francine [Cine] Damis. I have a passion for performing. I am a model, actor, dancer, and fitness enthusiast.From 2011-2014 I walked the runway for fashion week, Urban and college fashion shows. Since then, I've participated in several music videos. My photos were published in various magazines (see listing below). I am currently freelancing and working with individual photographers.I am 5'3 inches, African American, hair natural 4C and dyed (natural hair color is brown), athletic build.I am available for immediate projects in New York and surrounding areas. Open to other locations upon agreement.I bring my energy and passion to every project I work on.For more information click on the links below to get in contact.

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Brand Work


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